Talking Nano Reviews and Buzz

An excellent resource… You can’t help thinking - Wow - so this is what nano is all about!Andrew Maynard, Wilson Center Project on Emerging Technologies.

Talking Nano Reviews

Nobel Laureate Sir Harry Kroto reviews Talking Nano for the British journal Materials Today

Overall, an excellent overview with something for almost everyone- a very good set of presenters who are not only leaders in the field, but also good communicators.

and, referring to Disk 4, “Nanotechnology and the Consumer,” by David Rejeski:

I would say it was the most important overview of the field and should be seen by as many journalists as possible so that the media are well-informed with up-to-date and expert advice. It is a very good teaching presentation for scientists as well as for the public. I rate it as one of the most important science/society presentations I have heard, and very well presented too.

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Andrew Maynard, Chief Science Advisor for the Woodrow Wilson Center Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, reviews Talking Nano for the 2020 Science blog:

Talking Nano [brings] the mysteries of nanotechnology to the masses. … Each of the six DVDs is aimed at a different audience; some will appeal to younger children, while others provide meat for older and more sophisticated viewers. Taken together, the set provides a comprehensive and valuable resource - whether introducing kids to nanotechnology, walking people through the great potential and real challenges of this emerging area, or providing a more in-depth background on nanotech for decision-makers. … A great resource for stimulating discussions on nanotechnology and society in high schools and college classes.

Lord Rees, president of The Royal Society, London, writes to us about Talking Nano:

This is just a note to acknowledge the excellent DVD set which you sent to me. This is of great interest to us in the Royal Society, as you can imagine, because of our continuing interest in ensuring that nanotechnology develops successfully in a manner which avoids any risks…

Arts Boston Citizen Reviews for The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show:

These two guys are just awesome! Great juggling, but even better are the jokes and the SCIENCE. I should have put science first I guess but the kids with us got the science and raved about the jokes and the juggling.

Jean from Rochester NY