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5. George Whitesides: Perspectives on Nanotechnology

Harvard chemist George Whitesides defines nanotechnology and shares personal, historical, scientific, and societal perspectives on future nanotech applications and their potential impacts. 55 min.

Scene/Concept Outline

1. Major Science and Technology Themes
2. Motivations
3. Dimensions of Small
4. Small Devices - Range of Sizes
5. Why Nano?
6. Six Big Ideas - Intro
    6.1 Quantum Phenomena and the Nature of Reality
    6.2 Single Atoms and Molecules
    6.3 The Cell, Biology, and Biomedicine
        Interjection: Is Nano Revolutionary?
    6.4 Information
    6.5 New Materials
    6.6 Energy and Other Applications
7. Science, Technology and Society
8. Benefits of Nanotechnology
9. Potential Problems
8. Summary
10. End Credits