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  Talking Nano 6-DVD Set - Nano 101 in a Box!  

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1. A Brief Intro to Nano
Museum educator Tim Miller presents physicist Richard Feynman’s prescient 1959 vision framing four key areas of impact for future nanotechnologies: information, imaging, materials, and machines. 20 min.

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2. Don Eigler and his Dog Argon: Moving Atoms
Don Eigler, IBM Fellow and “the first man to move an atom,” introduces the world of atoms and nanoscale imaging, and demonstrates his technique of building tiny structures atom-by-atom. 24 min.

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3. Guiding Light with Nanowires
Harvard physicist Eric Mazur explores reflection, refraction, fiber optics and the potential uses of nanowires to guide light for future computing and information technologies. 22 min.

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4. Nanotechnology and the Consumer
Wilson Center Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies director David Rejeski reviews nano consumer products, health and safety oversight mechanisms, and public opinion research. 30 min.

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5. George Whitesides: Perspectives on Nanotechnology
Harvard chemist George Whitesides defines nanotechnology and shares personal, historical, scientific, and societal perspectives on future nanotech applications and their potential impacts. 55 min.

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6. The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show
Join Dan and Joel as they juggle their way through the nanoscale world, exploring atoms, molecules, nanoscale forces, and scanning probe microscopy, sometimes from atop 7-foot unicyles! A dramatic and humorous treatment of nano and materials science basics. 40 min.

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