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2. Don Eigler and his Dog Argon: Moving Atoms

Don Eigler, IBM Fellow and “the first man to move an atom,” introduces the world of atoms and nanoscale imaging, and demonstrates his technique of building tiny structures atom-by-atom. 24 min.

Scene/Concept Outline

1. Opening Titles
2. Introducing Argon the Dog
3. Exploring the World of Atoms
4. Who First Started Thinking about Atoms?
5. What are Atoms Made of?
6. How Small are Atoms?
7. Everything is Made of Atoms
8. How can we see atoms?
    8a. Optical Microscopes
    8b. Electron Microscopes
    8c. Scanning Tunneling Microscopes
9. How the STM Images Atoms
10. Welcome to My World of Atoms
11. Using the STM to Move Atoms
12. Design and Build with Atoms
13. Quantum Corrals and Beyond
14. The Atom-O-scope
15. Calling California
16. Real-Time Scanning
17. Moving an Atom
18. End Credits