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3. Guiding Light with Nanowires

Harvard physicist Eric Mazur explores reflection, refraction, fiber optics and the potential uses of nanowires to guide light for future computing and information technologies. 22 min.

Scene/Concept Outline

1. Opening
2. Introduction
3. The Nanoscale and Nanotechnology
4. Guiding Light
5. Using Materials to Bend Light
6. How do Materials Bend Light?
7. The Perfect Mirror: Total Internal Reflection
8. Interlude: A Fish-Eye View
9. Total Internal Reflection for Telecommunications
10. Why Make Thinner Fibers?
11. Can Optics Replace Electronics?
12. Accidental Discovery: Pulling Thinner Fibers
13. Scaling Down: Micro to Nano
14. How Nanowires Guide Light
15. Why is Smaller Better?
16. End Credit